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Color guide: The main colors this spring in the new Furnari® cashmere coats collection collection

The legendary Furnari® Kashmir coats are now available in a breathtaking color palette this spring. Our designers find inspiration in nature itself - pure, noble colors remind us of sand...

The legendary Furnari® Kashmir coats are now available in a breathtaking color palette this spring. Our designers find inspiration in nature itself - pure, noble colors remind us of sand dunes, coniferous forests, mountain peaks and snow -white clouds.

In our rating - 5 models of the spring collection in the main colors of the season as well as recommendations of the Furnari® stylists for the design of various looks with classic cashmere coats.




The new black is green-one of the main actors of the spring summer collections. In 2022, Grün also leads the list of the most sought -after colors. For the new collection, the designers of Furnari® have selected a luxurious emerald green color - deep, full, which makes the picture spectacular and aristocratic.

With which it can be combined, for example, you can create single -color sets by combining different green tones that can be combined with classic and urban suits. You can also wear the coat via a black silk evening dress.


Whispering angel

Pure and elegant hue from Whispering Angel is a simple alternative to white. The warm color, which manifests itself in the softest texture of Premium-Kashmir, conveys a feeling of incredible harmony and comfort. The new Furnari® collection offers a selection of cashmere coats from the Whispering Angel collection, for example classic, just cuts with a suitable natural pilgrim, shortened versions with pockets and striking ponchos with fur bunoes.

With which you can combine it: the most effective is a monochrome overall look in light tones. A jersey suit, a palazzo trousers with a cashmere bodysuit, a flying dress-all variations look great!



Classic and absolutely elegant, the fantastic anthracite black from the spring palette is indispensable. In a cozy cashmere it appears in a soft, deep tone and becomes an empty canvas for endless variations of the most beautiful looks. A classic cashmere coats in this color is not just a must for every wardrobe, it is a pearl that will inspire it from season to season.

With the color anthracite, different combinations are attached - from classic business style and urban loops with their favorite jeans to brave experiments with accents in the form of bright accessories - choose pockets, flying scarves, voluminous stoles in colors of cotton candy, berry jam, lemon praline, pistachios and others.


almond oil

The shade of almond oil has been with us for several seasons and becomes a new classic and must-quote in the blogs of all street style blogs. The friendship color is best friends with all pastel colors and serves as a flawless basis for stylish total look pictures.


With which it can be combined: In addition to monochrome motifs in beige tones, a cashmere coat in the almond oil color tone results in an excellent pair of color made of coffee, gold honey and snow-white color tones. Cashmere sweaters, flowing dresses, flowing skirts, their favorite jeans-endless variations.


Pearl gray

Classic gray is an integral part of every Furnari® collection. In the new season, the brand designers present an incredibly elegant reading of the iconic color - Pearl Gray's pearl tone. A real object of desire - a weightless cashmere coats made of the softest Italian cashmere, embodied in the most elegant color ever.


With which it can be combined: three win-win scenarios with a gray cashmere coat-a graphite graphy look with a flawless pants suit or an elegant dress, a light color block look with a candy beer-colored or lemon silk blouse, a laconic look existing From pastel tones - sky blue, vanilla, mint and other colors.



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